1 tsp oil recipes

Hello everybody 🙂 ,this page is for weight watchers which has 1 tsp oil recipes and I try to include this in my lunch or dinner for 5 days and since i am foodie 6 ,7 th day would be my feast day where i eat my favorite foods or i try to use little extra oil in the below mentioned recipes 😉 😉 .I will keep on updating this page,Happy Cooking !!

Vegetarian recipes

 Cabbage dal

 Broken wheat puliyogare

 Quinoa Curd rice

 Mint rice

 Carrot rice

 Oats upma

 Sweet Potato cutlet

♥ Celery Soup

 Puli Rasam |Tamarind soup

 Asparagus Fry

Aloo Palak |Spinach potato curry

 Beetroot fry

 Vazhaipoo fry | Banana flower fry

 Kala Chana soup | Black chickpea soup

 Ragi upma

 Soya chunk Kebab

 Paneer masala

 Instant mor kulambu |Buttermilk curry

 Black Chickpea gravy/Kondakadalai gravy/kala chana gravy

 Healthy Chickpea bites

 Kale Fry

Non Vegetarian recipes

Meen kulambu

 Fish Fry

 Healthy Orange chicken

 Steamed Chicken with broccoli (zero oil recipe)

 Egg rice

 Healthy Quinoa fish porridge 

 Chicken fry(Zero oil recipe)


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