Condensed Milk at home!!!!

Cooking at home itself is healthy and why not Condensed Milk? You just need patience to prepare Condensed Milk with just two ingredients milk and sugar . You can prepare egg-less cake by using condensed milk which will give soft texture :).You can also use it on sweets which will enhance the richness like carrot halwa. Use clean utensils and make sure you store it in tight container.


  • Full fat milk- 1 cup
  • White sugar-1/2 cup


  • Add milk,sugar in wide pan and then switch on the stove to high heat and stir it once in 2 mins till milk boils.

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  • When the milk comes to boil turn heat to medium and keep on stirring once in 2 mins so that milk does not get burn at the bottom and the taste wont be that good.After few mins sugar starts caramelizing and color of the milk changes to light yellow color.Patience is very important to prepare condensed milk ;).Stir the milk  well and Switch off the stove after 1 hr when milk  reduces to half and color changes to  yellow color.

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  • Let it cool for an hr. Don’t touch the milk using hands, Pour it in tight container and then refrigerate for about 2-3 weeks.

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Storing tip:

Store Condensed Milk in tight container ,usually i use glass container and refrigerate it for about 2 -3 weeks.


  • You can avoid sugar and egg while making cakes when using condensed milk which gives soft texture.
  • You can use brown sugar instead of white sugar too.


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