How to Cook Quinoa

Cook Quinoa similar to rice as 1 :2 ratio with water in pan or you can also pressure cook for about 2 whistle. Quinoa is whole grain which is always better than refined grains as rice and is rich in fiber with nutritional value.You can prepare Quinoa curd rice  Quinoa egg rice or any variety of your choice.Slowly try to incorporate Quinoa instead of rice in your diet by preparing your favorite dish and first i started with quinoa curd rice then quinoa with chicken or any other meats.For Sure there would be dozens of your favorite rice dish so why not give it a try using quinoa ????And moreover Quinoa is gluten free.At first i thought quinoa is similar to  saamai (little millet) but both are different whole grains.You can check this link on how to prepare Quinoa Curd rice.


  • Quinoa-1/2 cup
  • Water-1 cup


  • Wash and rinse Quinoa patiently using colander as they are very small wholegrains which may easily run into the sink .

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  • Heat a deep pan with quinoa and water( 1 :2 ratio)  for about 20 mins with lid on.

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  • Quinoa is ready !

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