Coriander Powder(Dhania powder)

Coriander Powder always tastes fresh and easy to prepare at home so mostly i prepare Coriander Powder,red chilli powder,garam masala,sambar powder which i use in my cooking  everyday :).And preparing this spice powders is pretty simple and easy than i thought :p .During my childhood mom used to roast the ingredients for spice powder and grinding was done in a shop where there will be big grinding machines but now as i am staying in US  am using Mixie jar or food processor for grinding spice powders.As we are grinding in mixie jar this will result into coarse powder and not the fine powder as we get in market but preparing at home for small quantities always stays fresh.


  • Coriander seeds -28 oz/800 gm


  • Dry the coriander seeds in sunlight for 2 days.Roast the coriander seeds in pan for just 1-2 min,you will get the aroma of coriander.Dont roast it for long time as it turns to black color.

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  • Let it cool and then grind it in mixie or food processor for two times to get fine texture.

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  • Make sure the mixture is cool and then add to the air tight container.

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