How to cut french fries

This method is very easy to cut french fries using knife.Personally I feel using knife is easy way to cutĀ french fries and would save time in cleaning than using vegetable cutter ;).Usually select large potatoes and as soon as you cut into desired shapes add it to the water this will prevent them from getting dark in color.Repeat this process until you cut all the potatoes for the french fries.Remove the moisture content from the potatoes using tissue until it is dry.Coat the potatoes with spice mixture and oil.You can deep fry or bake it and njoy the fries šŸ™‚


  • Peel the skin of the potatoĀ and cut quarter inch thick slicesĀ as shown.

cut potatoes for french fries

  • Cut 1/4 inch thick sliced potato into thin vertical pieces.

cut potatoes for french fries

  • Remove the moisture content from the potato using tissue and this is easy method to cutĀ potatoes for french fries.

cut potatoes for french fries

Healthy French Fires

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