Peel Garlic fast and easy

Removing garlic skin was time consuming task before using this method which was told by my friend. I felt crazy when she told me how to Peel Garlic easy but when i tried it out i saved lot of time so thanks a lot to her.First Crush the garlic and then skin partially comes out then add the crushed cloves into jar and sake it.Garlic skin is peeled off automatically.


  • Garlic
  • Knife/Spoon
  • Jar


  • Peel the cloves from garlic bulb.
  • Crush the clove using knife/Spoon.Partially the garlic skin comes out.
  • Add the crushed cloves to jar and shake it for few secs.The skin comes out automatically.
  • Add the water into jar and skin starts floating .Garlic skin is peeled off fast and easy.
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