Peel Pearl onion fast and easy

Pearl onion  is also called as shallots which makes the recipe tasty and healthy than the bigger Onions but i feel lazy to peel the skin of the Pearl onion as it takes lots of time.During conversation with my mom i got to know that after soaking shallots in water peeling is easy and fast and she also told me not to soak in hot water as shallots may loose its health benefits and essence.Always i use shallots in my favorite dish nandu kulambu or crab fry 😉


  • Soak shallots in water for about 15 – 30 mins based on your available time.
  • Take pearl onion out and cut the edges and skin comes out easily.

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  • Soaking shallots in hot water makes the peeling easy than soaking in normal water skin loose but in this method it will loose the essence and its health benefits.So its good to soak in normal water and peel it.
  • Adding shallots to any chutney or  kara kulambu recipe or any non veg dish always enhances the taste.

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