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Hello Everybody, I am Akshaya and I am very happy that you are here! Basically I am a food lover and cooking is source of relaxation for me and learnt all about cooking with the help of my MUM ♥ , granny,friends and books .This is place where you will not only get to know easy Indian Recipes as well as world recipes with step by step pictures but also healthy meals which will make your life happy!  I love cooking and i don’t claim to be expert on that stuff so if you wanna know about  my cooking ideas and tricks through my personal experience then check out my website and share your ideas too 🙂

I love travelling, photography,eating chocolate 😉 ,watching movie and My favorite part of cooking is BIRIYANI and baking CAKES!! 

When i started spending too much of my time in cooking i thought to share my recipes in a place which blossomed into my blog 🙂 Sharing recipes with friends and family inspired me and i hope it will inspire you too 😀 .I am loving every second on this adventure of blogging and will keep on posting recipes as much as i can!

I would love to share my recipe pictures but I had put lot of time and effort in editing and uploading this pictures so I would appreciate if you would credit my blog in those pictures !

And I would love to connect through social media below where you can exchange your thoughts, recipes too.. Happy Cooking!! 

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Thanks so much for stopping by !!!

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