Methi Puri |Fenugreek Puri(Vendhayam keerai poori)

Methi Puri or fenugreek leaves puri is spicy and flavored with ajwain seeds & turmeric added to the whole wheat flour . My mum had North Indian friend who used to prepare this Methi Puri as diwali snacks for us and this was one of my favorite childhood food …Missing those days 🙁 🙁  . Kids will enjoy this Methi Puri as evening snack 🙂 . For Baked version I made diamond shaped thin dough and baked in 350 F for about 10 mins and to my surprise it turned out crispy and tasted good with dip.Will post the detailed recipe with pics soon 🙂 .You can also check out Methi dal , Methi Thepla  , Methi Idly 

Methi Puri

Yields : 30 Small sized puri  Total time : 1 hr


  • Methi/Fenugreek leaves- 1 cup or dried methi leaves-4 tsp
  • Wheat flour-2 cups
  • Ajwain seeds-1 tsp
  • Turmeric powder-1 tsp
  • Chili powder-1 tsp
  • Salt- to taste
  • Water-required to kneed
  • Oil- to deep fry

Methi Puri

Methi Puri recipe:

  • Add wheat flour,methi leaf,chili powder,turmeric ,salt,ajwain seeds and water.Kneed into dough such that it should not be too soft or too hard. Cover it for about 15 mins.


  • Take medium sized ball and roll it to big circle shape using rolling pin.Use sharp lid to make circle shaped puri. If you dont want puri to puff then use fork to make holes in center.


  • Heat oil in deep wide pan and once its hot enough drop the puri. As soon as you drop the puri bubbles will be formed all over it.When it starts to puff turn into other side and cook for few secs then take the puri out of the oil when it is cooked both the sides.


  • Transfer into plate covered with kitchen tissues.Once cooled store it in air tight container which stays good for about a week.Serve it as evening snack alone or with sidedish dal tadka or Aloo masala



  • If you are making big batches then prefer sitting down and prepare.Place these circle shaped dough inside magazine to prevent dough from drying.Once you finish rolling all the dough ,then drop the puri in oil and cook it.
  • To check oil is hot enough ,drop small portion of dough into oil,if dough comes up as soon as you drop it then it is perfect to cook the puri.

Methi Puri

Methi Thepla


Methi Idly

Methi Idly

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