Medhu Vadai | Ulundu Vadai

Medhu Vadai is my family’s favorite snack and preparing on a rainy day with chutney and hot tea is just perfect snack!! This Medhu Vadai recipe has simple ingredients but need to be very careful while grinding the urad dal as the batter should be thick and fluffy and not watery.Soak the urad dal in…

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Sabudana Waffles with Kala chana

Sabudana Waffles with kala chana is quick and gluten free power packed recipe which requires only few drops of oil.If you try this you will definitely make this Sabudana Waffles regularly as the taste of this recipe is so yum. Sabudana is basically made out of processed tapioca and Originally they make Sabudana with potato…

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Baked Gobi Manchurian Dry | Cauliflower manchurian

Baked Gobi Manchurian is healthy and delicious vegetarian starter where marinated cauliflower is baked and saute with Manchurian sauce.I have made this Baked Gobi Manchurian in dry version if you want saucy then add 1 tbsp of cornflour with 1 cup of water to the cooked sauce and let it cook for about 3-4 mins and then add…

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Baked Nethili fry | Crispy Smelt fry

Baked Nethili fry is healthy version of Nethili or Smelt fish starter which is oven fried with Indian spices and glazed with sriracha sauce which enhances the flavor of this recipe.Baked Nethili fry is simple and easy to prepare as it needs only simple pantry ingredients.I pretty much love the deep fried Nethili fry πŸ˜€…

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Healthy Chicken Fry (Zero oil added chicken recipe)

Healthy Chicken Fry is one of the tastiest zero oil added recipe which is prepared with Indian spices and lemon juice.This Healthy Chicken Fry can be served as starter or stuffed in roti/chapati or with curd rice which is my favorite πŸ˜‰ . Even without adding oil this recipe tastes yummy because by default fat…

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Orange Cauliflower (Healthy Version)

Orange Cauliflower is healthy starter which would be loved by everyone who loves tangy flavor like me πŸ˜‰ I am very big fan of orange chicken so tried this with cauliflower in healthier version by baking instead of deep frying!!! And the main secret is the bread crumbs πŸ˜‰ it gives you crunchy in outer…

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Chickpea Bites ( Healthy Vegan Snack)

Chickpea bites would be perfect healthy cravings instead of deep fried snacks as we are gonna use only very little oil in this recipe. This will go well with any hot sauce  or ketchup or tahini sauce . I love the crisp texture out and moist inside πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ … You can prepare this for kids by…

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Carrot kebab (Healthy Snack)

Carrot kebab is very healthy vegan snack which is made of oats powder and spice mixture to grated carrot !!! This dish would be kids friendly and moreover very healthy recipe… For all who love carrot no doubtfully will love this healthy vegan snack !!!  Serves : 3 Total min : 35 min Ingredients :…

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Cauliflower wings (healthy snack)

Cauliflower wings is very healthy snack as cauliflower coated with spices is baked in oven and if you have cravings towards junk food then this would be perfect snack to try out!!! If you don’t have oven  boil the cauliflower in water for about 5 mins and then shallow fry the coated cauliflower with batter…

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Onion Bhaji | Onion Fritters

Onion Bhaji is tasty onion rings bounded with spiced chickpea flour batter.These Crispy Onion Bhaji would be perfect when you eat it with hot chai (tea) during rainy days πŸ˜‰ . My bro loves this onion bhaji a lot and as he is spice lover he asks my mom to prepare it more spicy as…

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Mackerel fry | Ayala Varuval

Mackerel fry is called as ayala meen varuval in tamil ,this recipe would be perfect side dish for curd rice or meen kulambu with rice ! I and my family loves this recipe which will have Spicy tangy flavor … My granny used to grind everything in ammikallu (grinding stone) omg that taste would be…

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Green beans Fries (Healthy Snack)

Green beans Fries is very healthy snack as beans is baked with just 1 tsp of oil and if you are craving something crispy then this would be healthy choice! You can also check out some healthy snacks healthy french fries , Ragi cookie , Sweet potato cutlet  , Soya chunk kebab  , Ragi Cake ,…

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Popcorn recipe (Flavored snack)

Popcorn recipe is perfect for any type of snacking and it is happy food πŸ˜‰ and making it home makes it healthier than the store brought. The trick to make perfect popcorn is to check oil is hot enough to pop the kernels and using deep non stick pan with glass lid on.I have described…

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Chicken momo

Chicken momo is perfect recipe for starter which is prepared with all purpose flour, ground meat and vegetables. You can make it more healthier by using wheat flour instead of all purpose flour.Garlic sauce is perfect side dish for momos. Ingredients: All purpose flour-2 cup Chicken breast-1 Onion-1 Coriander leaf-2 tbsp Sesame seeds-1 tsp Chili…

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Broccoli Fry (Healthy snack)

Broccoli Fry is healthy snack which is roasted using oven for about 20 mins in 450 F until the crushed garlic changes to slight brown in color.You can serve  this Broccoli Fry with hot sauce or ranch.You can also fry using in pan by adding onion,ginger garlic paste,salt,pepper,broccoli and sprinkle 1 tbsp water and cook…

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Healthy orange chicken

Healthy orange chicken is perfect appetizer and is more healthier than the deep fried version.If you like the orange flavor in chicken then you can have this Healthy orange chicken where chicken is marinated with orange sauce .Usually I prepare this for evening snacks or lunch with roti! Ingredients: Chicken breast-500 gms Pepper-3 tsp Salt-to taste…

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Vazhaipoo vadai | Banana flower fritters

Vazhaipoo vadai is easiest and tastiest way of consuming and this would be loved by everyone and for the people who dislike vazhaipoo because of its bitterness πŸ˜‰ but this fritters tastes delicious. This recipe would be perfect snacks for kids from school.Healthy recipes can be made using vazhaipoo or banan flower as vazhaipoo poriyal…

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Soya chunk kabab (meal maker)

Soya chunk kabab is nutritious and tasty kabab recipe which would be perfect vegetarian starter or you can have this for breakfast too.This is healthy recipe where oats,besan powder is added instead of all purpose flour.When I don’t have meat in my home but if I feel like eating non vegetarian I usually cook mushroom…

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Healthy Chickpea fry (Garbanzo fry)

Chickpea fry is healthy snack and moreover the texture is sooo crunchy and tasty.Instead of store brought deep fried chickpea fry this recipe is more healthy as we are using only 2 tbsp oil.Adding more oil makes it soggy and to make it more crispy after baking for about 45 mins turn off the stove…

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Chicken leg roast | Chicken drumstick roast

Chicken leg roast is mouthwatering appetizer which is prepared in healthy manner by shallow frying the chicken leg piece instead of deep fry.This goes well with briyani or curd rice or just as an appetizer with lemon and onion.Both the kids and adults will love this delicious recipe.To make it more healthier remove the skin…

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Biscuit Toppings

Biscuit Toppings are the instant starter for kids and as well as adults.This would be perfect starter to impress your guests and moreover it just takes 5 mins to prepare isn’t it awesome ????Sooo my first topping is all about strawberry and cream cheese (instead of strawberry you can add your favorite fruit), second is…

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Chicken liver pepper fry in 10 mins

Chicken liver pepper fry is delicious starter or side dish for rice or roti which has pepper flavor all over the chicken liver which makes it more tempting and mouthwatering.To impress guest by cooking with just 10 mins is awesome right?? Cook time for this Chicken liver pepper fry is just 10 mins and tasty…

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Chicken Seekh Kebab

Chicken Seekh Kebab is healthier appetizer as marinated minced chicken is slowly baked in oven and tastes delicious too.This would be loved by kids too as it would be easier for them to consume as chicken is minced.My husband loves this Chicken Seekh Kebab as he loves to eat food which are baked.Baking or steaming…

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Egg fry | Muttai Varuval

Egg fry isΒ quick tasty starter for your guests by just boiling the egg and adding chili/pepper powder and salt to it or cooking the boiled egg with onion,chili powder ,sambar powder and salt.If you are new to cooking then egg helps a lot to make tastier recipes and if you are throwing party then prefer…

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Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets are prepared by dipping chicken breast  into egg and flour mixture then deep frying it.These Nuggets are perfect snacks for kids and for sure they will love it and is far better than store brought.Using this nuggets we can prepare orange chicken or honey garlic chicken or you can prepare any kind of your…

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Healthy French Fries

Healthy French fries tastes so crunchy  in outer layer and soft inside.Usually select large potatoes and as soon as you cut into desired shapes add it to the water this will prevent them from getting dark in color.Repeat this process until you cut all the potatoes for the french fries.Remove the moisture content from the…

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Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken is delicious fried chicken recipe with sweet tangy orange flavor and it is far better than restaurant brought as anything cooking fresh in home is always better.You can also try the healthier version of orange chicken by just sauteing chicken in a pan and cook it along with orange sauce or you can…

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Fish Fry |Meenu Varuval

Fish Fry is very easy and healthy which can be served in meal or starter.This dish is marinated with simple spicy mixture and this would be perfect for the guests as starter and also goes well as side dish to curd rice or sambar rice.You can also check out Salmon fry ,Mackerel fry , fish…

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Sweet potato cutlet with no flour!!! :D

Sweet potato cutlet with no all purpose flour is very healthy snack , it tasted soo yummy even though not much oil was added.Whenever i feel like eating snacks i prefer this cutlet.My mom used to make cutlet with smashed potato and bread crumbs so i thought to try with sweet potato and it tasted…

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