Bread Manchurian

Bread Manchurian will be one of the easiest way of preparing  tasty evening snack or for breakfast if you have left over bread.Here i have not deep fried the bread but just toasted the bread with few drops of oil and then saute with onion,tomato and Manchurian sauce for tasty twist. You can also avoid…

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Healthy Beetroot Pancakes

Beetroot pancakes is healthy+delicious and fluffy which can be easily prepared at home with just easy pantry ingredients eggs,beetroot,dates,wheat flour,milk.This pretty pink will just attract the kids to the core and seriously no one can resist with just having one 😀 and also perfect for valentine’s day recipe!! These pancakes are soooo soft and fluffy…

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Ven Pongal | Khara Pongal

Ven Pongal or Khara Pongal is traditional South Indian recipe made with rice and lentils which is pressure cooked along with milk or water and then topped with curry leaves,mustard seeds,jeera,hing ,pepper and Ghee to give wonderful aroma and taste to the dish.Whenever i eat  Ven Pongal along with sambar and vada always I feel drowsy…

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Palak Paratha | Spinach Paratha

Palak Paratha is nutritious paratha from North India where spinach and spices are combined along with the wheat flour and formed soft dough to make these delectable Palak Paratha. This recipe is tricky way of including Spinach or palak in kid’s  diet as they will not feel like eating the spinach ..sooo isn’t it awesome…

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Oats Salad (Vegan Weightloss recipe)

Oats Salad is vegan & weight loss recipe which is prepared by combining roasted oats,capsicum,pepper,onion,tomato,almond,coriander leaf and the secret to enhance its flavor & to burn FAT is “LEMON” and it takes just 10 mins to prepare so why not try this quick as well as healthy recipe !!! ..You can also add fruits like…

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Overnight oats (Healthy Breakfast)

Overnight oats is the easiest recipe for busy morning and requires no cooking…. Isn’t it sooooo interesting which is tasty as well as healthy breakfast??? I learnt this recipe from my husband’s colleague at first it was weird for me and thought it wont taste that good but after trying this recipe it became sooooo…

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kara kolukattai (chilly and garlicky flavor rice dumplings)

kara kolukattai is one of the traditional SouthIndian festival recipe for Ganesh Chathruthy which is a rice dumpling with chili and garlicky flavor.These goes well along with peanut chutney or tomato chutney . This is very spicy and has amazing taste and one of my favorite during my childhood. My mum always prepares and serves us hot…

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Ragi Porridge | Finger millet Porridge (Low Fat breakfast in 5 mins)

Ragi Porridge is very good for our health and mostly i take this for my breakfast and after 2 hrs I consume 5 almonds +1 dates .Ragi Porridge is highly nutritious which contains loads of fiber,dates,walnuts,shredded coconut,any fruits of your choice and most importantly no sugar 😉  so by this way you consume healthy and…

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Ragi Idly | Finger millet cake |Kizhvaragu Idly

Ragi Idly is healthy breakfast in South Indian households which is rich in iron and helps in weight loss.Ragi Idly is prepared with urad dal ,Ragi Flour & cooked rice(which helps in making Idly soft).To make it spongy ratio of these ingredients are very important .You can enjoy this soft Ragi Idly by dipping in Sambar , Brinjal Sambar ,…

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Methi Thepla (Fenugreek Flat bread)

Thepla is traditional Gujarati flat bread recipe which is made of fenugreek leaves, wheat flour ,besan flour (chickpea flour)and other spices . By adding spices it enhances the taste of Thepla . Methi Thepla goes well with curd or pickle and this dish can be preferred when you travel by adding more oil to it…

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Soft Idly | Spongy rice idly

Soft Idly is traditional breakfast in South Indian households which is prepared with urad dal ,rice,fenugreek seeds. To make it spongy ratio of these ingredients are very important .I prepared idly batter using mixie jar.You can enjoy this soft idly by dipping in sambar or your favorite chutney 😀 .You can also check basic Sambar…

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Mini Idly with podi

Mini Idly with podi is my favorite lunch box which my mom prepares most of the time and as soon as you open the tiffin box the flavor of sesame oil just makes you so tempting 😉 😉 … This recipe will be loved by kids because of its shape and this is perfect while…

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Brinjal sambar (Egg plant lentil soup)

Brinjal sambar is instant sambar recipe which is prepared along with ghee dosa or idly.This delicious recipe is very easy and takes only 15 mins to prepare for morning breakfast or dinner.Eating hot Brinjal sambar with idly or dosa tastes so good where the brinjal gets smashed up with spices ,onion and tomatoes to bring wonderful…

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Ragi Upma |Finger Millet Upma

Ragi Upma is very healthy  breakfast recipe which is low in cholestrol as well as fat. My mom always tells me to consume ragi for at-least once in a week as it has a higher rate of fiber and makes your tummy full with less calorie.Include ragi upma for breakfast or dinner with spicy chutney…

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Egg fry | Muttai Varuval

Egg fry is quick tasty starter for your guests by just boiling the egg and adding chili/pepper powder and salt to it or cooking the boiled egg with onion,chili powder ,sambar powder and salt.If you are new to cooking then egg helps a lot to make tastier recipes and if you are throwing party then prefer…

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White Pongal (Ven Pongal)

White Pongal is prepared on Pongal festival which is called as Ven pongal in tamil and making at home with relatives surrounded stays memorable everytime. My mom used to wake us early by 4.00 a.m and asks us to take bath and be ready for pooja within 5 .oo a.m and meanwhile she prepares White Pongal…

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Sugar Rotis

Sugar Rotis are my favorite which my mom prepared for my lunch box when i was kid :D.When i open my box i get the ghee flavor omg which would tempt me to eat all the roti 😉 😉 . This is very easy and simple lunch box recipe which would be liked by kids and…

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Broken wheat puliyogare

Broken wheat puliyogare is made with tamarind juice and tempered with dals,red chilli and curry leaf.You can serve Broken wheat puliyogare for breakfast or dinner or lunchbox with Curd or Potato fry or healthy french fries.Lots of recipes can be made using broken wheat and is very good for diabetes .Broken wheat is excellent source of…

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Masala Poha (Masala Aval)

Masala Poha which is called masala aval in Tamil is perfect for quick breakfast as it does not take much time to cook which is tempered with dals to give crunchy flavor and used potato and peas as vegetables here and tossed up with turmeric and chili powder and serving hot makes this dish more delicious…

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Semiya upma | Vermicelli upma

Semiya upma is traditionally South Indian instant breakfast recipe which is made of semolina,onion,vegetables,dals,mustard seeds.Whenever i don’t feel like cooking i prefer this dish as it takes only few mins to cook. Semiya upma is easy recipe and it tastes delicious when you add more onion.This dish is loved by especially the kids because of its…

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Gobi Paratha | Cauliflower Paratha

Gobi Paratha dish is basically Indian flat bread where grated cauliflower is stuffed and when it is topped with butter it tastes sooo delicious :).I usually make it for breakfast and your tummy gets full with two parathas as it has thick layers of cooked dough. Now days i started eating dry parathas since i…

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Oats upma (Weight loss)

Oats upma is the healthiest breakfast recipe as it contains high fiber which lowers blood cholesterol. If you want to reduce weight then oats is the best to include in your diet plan. My husband asks me to prepare oats upma for his breakfast and roti for his lunch but I am total opposite of…

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