Quinoa Fish Porridge (Instant healthy pot meal)

Quinoa Fish Porridge is gluten free and high in protein which is prepared easy with few simple pantry ingredients.Honestly i disliked eating quinoa but after trying this recipe with my favorite salmon fish & green onions in porridge consistency i am loving it.In this recipe i have used salmon fish which is rich in omega…

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Green beans Fries (Healthy Snack)

Green beans Fries is very healthy snack as beans is baked with just 1 tsp of oil and if you are craving something crispy then this would be healthy choice! You can also check out some healthy snacks healthy french fries , Ragi cookie , Sweet potato cutlet  , Soya chunk kebab  , Ragi Cake ,…

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Green Moong dal | Mung Bean recipe

Green Moong dal is very healthy recipe which is prepared with garlic and Indian spices to give wonderful taste to dal. This Green Moong dal recipe goes well with dry roti or rice.Usually I have one bowl of this Green Moong dal recipe for lunch topped with lemon juice as it really helps to burn fat!!!…

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Low fat paneer masala (Instant)

Low fat paneer recipes are for weight watchers like me 😉 … I love paneer so its difficult to avoid eating it, i have seen mom from my childhood preparing paneer from whole fat milk and she used to prepare my favorite paneer masala where she used to include butter and along with that whole…

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Ragi Upma |Finger Millet Upma

Ragi Upma is very healthy  breakfast recipe which is low in cholestrol as well as fat. My mom always tells me to consume ragi for at-least once in a week as it has a higher rate of fiber and makes your tummy full with less calorie.Include ragi upma for breakfast or dinner with spicy chutney…

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Vazhaipoo poriyal |Banana flower fry

Vazhaipoo poriyal is very healthy recipe as it is rich in fiber and very healthy to include in your diet especially for the women.Many people don’t like to  eat it because of its bitterness including me 😉 😉 . But no worries ………..I will show you how to eat it in healthier fashion and make it…

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Beetroot Poriyal |Beetroot Fry

Beetroot Poriyal is very easy and quick healthy side dish which is tempered with urad dal ,channa dal ,curry leaf and it goes well with Curd rice or Bisibellabath . As i love to eat this Beetroot Poriyal with curd rice my mom prepares this for  my lunch box. Beetroot is rich in iron which is high…

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Aloo Palak |Potato Spinach curry

Aloo Palak is prepared with boiled potato and spinach puree.This tastes so creamy and goes well with roti or naan or plain rice.Spinach is low in fat and cholesterol so do include spinach in your diet plan.You can prepare healthy lunch box with dry chapati and aloo palak as side dish.You can also check out…

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Asparagus Fry

Asparagus Fry is good source of  fiber and act as antioxidant.Chop asparagus into small pieces and avoid the white part of the stem.You can roast or steam the chopped asparagus and season it based on your choice and as this is water less method all the nutrients are preserved in this dish.Asparagus more or less…

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Broken wheat puliyogare

Broken wheat puliyogare is made with tamarind juice and tempered with dals,red chilli and curry leaf.You can serve Broken wheat puliyogare for breakfast or dinner or lunchbox with Curd or Potato fry or healthy french fries.Lots of recipes can be made using broken wheat and is very good for diabetes .Broken wheat is excellent source of…

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Puli Rasam(Spicy tamarind liquid) in 5 Mins

Puli Rasam is quick recipe which is prepared in just 5 mins with jeera/cumin,pepper powder,crushed garlic,turmeric and tamarind water which gives awesome flavor .My favorite combination for rasam rice is with half boiled egg or mutton chukka  :D.There are so many rasam recipes as vengayam rasam,mor rasam,parupu rasam,tomato rasam,jeeraga rasam ,will try all the rasam…

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Coriander Mint Chutney |Pudina Kothamali Chutney

Coriander Mint Chutney(Pudina Kothamalli Chutney) is very easy and tasty side dish for any kind of  dosa and idli which is prepared by grinding the dals,onion,tomato,coconut,mint & coriander leaf.Just takes 15 mins to prepare this healthy chutney and i make it spicy and have it with wheat dosa which makes perfect healthy breakfast.You can also…

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Quinoa Curd Rice

Quinoa Curd Rice is perfect healthy lunch recipe. Quinoa is whole grain which is always better than refined grains and is rich in fiber with nutritional values. Quinoa is cooked similar to rice as 1 :2 ratio with water in pan for about 20 mins or pressure cook for about 2 whistle.If you are lover…

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Carrot Rice

Carrot Rice is made with fresh grated carrots which makes it healthier and my mom prepares this for my lunch box .My best friend Sivaranjani loves this dish too. After Marriage for the first time i cooked this carrot rice for her and i was so happy when she told it tastes the same as…

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Pudina Rice |Mint Rice

Pudina Rice is an instant lunch box variety rice recipe as ingredients are simple and cooking time is just 8-10 mins.It is  one of the flavorful dish which has cleansing  properties and flushes out the toxins from our body.My family loves Pudina Rice because of its wonderful flavor and with tomato raita or potato roast it…

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Fish Fry |Meenu Varuval

Fish Fry is very easy and healthy which can be served in meal or starter.This dish is marinated with simple spicy mixture and this would be perfect for the guests as starter and also goes well as side dish to curd rice or sambar rice.You can also check out Salmon fry ,Mackerel fry , fish…

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Sweet potato cutlet with no flour!!! :D

Sweet potato cutlet with no all purpose flour is very healthy snack , it tasted soo yummy even though not much oil was added.Whenever i feel like eating snacks i prefer this cutlet.My mom used to make cutlet with smashed potato and bread crumbs so i thought to try with sweet potato and it tasted…

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Cabbage Dal

Cabbage Dal is very healthy recipe which can be served with roti and also as soup by reducing the quantity of dal used in this recipe.I love cabbage as it is low calorie vegge! For most of my lunch ,I eat dry roti with cabbage dal or drink as hot soup. Ingredients: Moong dal –…

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Oats upma (Weight loss)

Oats upma is the healthiest breakfast recipe as it contains high fiber which lowers blood cholesterol. If you want to reduce weight then oats is the best to include in your diet plan. My husband asks me to prepare oats upma for his breakfast and roti for his lunch but I am total opposite of…

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Meen kulambu without Coconut|Fish Curry

Meen kulambu is South Indian dish where fish is boiled with spicy tangy liquid .Fish is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids and my granny used to say its very good for our vision..I learnt this recipe from my mom and she used to prepare more rice especially when she makes this Meen kulambu…

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