Eggless Ragi Brownies (Fingermillet brownie)

Eggless Ragi Brownies with chocolaty flavor  is moist and this is best ever brownie that i have baked without using egg or butter. I just thought to give it a try using Ragi/finger millet flour and to my surprise just couldn’t believe it turned out so moist and yummy.You can also include wheat flour to…

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Baked Gulab Jamun (Healthy dessert)

Baked Gulab Jamun are spongy milk based Indian dessert which is baked instead of deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. Standing in front of oil for long time  don’t make me feel good and also i am avoiding deep fried items in my diet these days mostly i try to bake the dishes…

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Marble cake (MOIST AND FLUFFY)

Marble cake is combination of white and dark coco batter which is soft and fluffy made from scratch and amazingly delicious.This recipe is made with wheat flour rather than all purpose flour which is comparatively healthier πŸ˜‰ Marble cake is one my favorite and I prepare this cake when i can’t  decide vanilla or chocolate :p…

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Mysore Pak (Indian Classic Fudge)

Mysore Pak is Southern Indian classic Fudge which is made of generous amounts of ghee, sugar, gram flour (chickpea flour). The texture of this sweet is similar to fudge which melts as soon as you put in mouth πŸ˜‰ …My mom prepares this for every diwali and i will be beside her waiting for Mysore Pak…

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Flaxseed ladoo | Flaxseed sweet recipe

Flaxseed ladoo is healthy  snack where flax seeds are best source of omega fatty 3 acids and this sweet is prepared during winter to protect from cold. Flaxseed ladoo is made with roasted wheat and flaxseed powder ,cardamom,sugar syrup and formed into ladoo which can be stored in air tight container for about a month….

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Banana Paniyaram | Banana Choco Bites in 10 mins

Banana Paniyaram is very easy and instant sweet recipe which is prepared with just three ingredients as Maida/All purpose flour , shredded coconut,Choco chips.Usually when my granny prepares this recipe she used to deep fry this fritter in oil and obviously this would taste awesome but to make in healthier version we can make this…

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2 Min Chocolate Cake (Eggless)

2 Min Chocolate cake is very easy egg less cake recipe and if you wanna grab a quick dessert then this recipe is perfect for you !Only thing we need to take care is the cook time , I could get yummy moist cake by cooking in microwave (1000 watts) for about 1 and 1/2…

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Sakkarai Pongal | Sweet Pongal

Sakkarai Pongal is prepared on Pongal festival which is called as Sweet Pongal and preparing at home with relatives surrounded stays memorable everytime. My mom used to wake us early by 4.00 a.m and asks us to take bath and be ready for pooja within 5 .oo a.m and meanwhile she prepares White Pongal ,Sweet Pongal…

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Moong dal halwa (Indian Dessert)

Moong dal halwa is rich North Indian sweet which is really very mouthwatering dish because of ghee,sugar and milk which is added to coarse paste of moong dal. The process in making this dish took me around 1 hr but the outcome was worth it it was so tasty.I love any dish which is made…

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Gulab jamun

Gulab jamun are spongy milk based popular Indian dessert which is soaked in sugar syrup. Serving jamun with ice cream or topping with coconut flakes makes it more tempting and tasty.And i love to eat hot jamun always because i find it more tasty than the normal temperature Gulab jamuns πŸ˜‰ . Trick for perfect…

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Quick Carrot Halwa with Condensed Milk

Carrot Halwa with condensed milk is easy and quick rich dessert which is made with grated carrot ,condensed milk and ghee.This goes well with ice cream or poori or you can just have it alone ;).Without adding artificial color this sweet looks so bright and mouth watering naturally ;).You can refrigerate it for a week and…

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Hot Chocolate Homemade β™₯

Hot Chocolate is my favorite beverage with whipped cream on top !!!!!!! My mom used to add 1 tsp cocoa powder to 1/2 cup of boiled milk Β without sugar and gives to me and dad after breakfast as she used to say cocoa powder is very good for heart.But when i had hot chocolate for…

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Panchamrutham Recipe for Pooja

Panchamrutham is instant sweet recipe which is offered to God during pooja and takes only 5 mins to prepare.This is combination of dates,banana,sugar,ghee,honey.Usually i add apple to give it extra crunchy flavor and  i like the most πŸ˜€ .There are different variations of this recipe which is also made with 5 main ingredients as milk,ghee,banana,curd,honey.I…

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Condensed Milk at home!!!!

Cooking at home itself is healthy and why not Condensed Milk? You just need patience to prepare Condensed Milk with just two ingredients milk and sugar . You can prepare egg-less cake by using condensed milk which will give soft texture :).You can also use it on sweets which will enhance the richness like carrot…

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