All the recipes in this blog are created by me unless otherwise it is mentioned and each recipe is tried and tasted by me and my family in my kitchen.I have taken lot of efforts to write and review each recipe and as you all know it really takes ample amount of time to create ,edit the photos as well.So its my request that you don’t copy my photos or recipes without giving a message to me or crediting my blog. Any Unauthorized usage will constitute plagiarism.   I love cooking and i don’t claim to be expert on that stuff  or neither i am dietitian or nutritionist, I learnt cooking through my  experiences as i spent lot of time in it which bloomed into this wonderful blog so if you wanna know about  my cooking ideas and tricks through my personal experience then check out my website.It is my request to all please use the instruction and recipes on my blog as a guideline and make your own decision because sometime it may not come out well as expected as quality of products may differ. 

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