Ragi Puttu |kelvaragu puttu|Ragi Cake

Ragi Puttu  is steamed ragi flour which is very good for health.My mom always tells me to consume ragi for atleast once in a week as it has a higher rate of fiber,gluten free and makes your tummy full with less clories.For adults we can make ragi idly,ragi upma and prepare this ragi cake for kids ;).You can also check out other Ragi Porridge , Ragi Kanji (Salt version) , Ragi Idly , Ragi Puttu , Ragi cookie , Ragi mug cake

Ragi Puttu


  • Ragi flour- 2 cup
  • water-3/4 cup
  • Sugar-1/3 cup
  • badam powder- garnish
  • coconut flakes-garnish
  • walnut-garnish

Ragi Puttu


  • Add ragi flour to bowl and add little by little water such that there is moisture all over the flour.Dont add more water to the flour just sprinkle the water all over the flour to make it moist.The texture should be like crumbled one.

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  • Add the moist ragi flour to the puttu maker.

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  • Add water to bottom of the cooker and close the lid on medium heat.Once steam comes out from vent pipe place puttu maker on top of it.Steam it for about 15-20 mins.

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  • Remove the puttu maker from the vent .Open the lid of the puttumaker and you can see droplets all over the puttu which means it is cooked,if not keep it on vent pipe for another few mins to get cooked.

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  • Add sugar to ragi puttu and mix it well.Garnish with coconut flakes or walnut or badam powder based on ur liking.

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  • While adding water make sure you dont make it like batter consistency just sprinkle the water all over  so that it is moist all over the flour and no lumps.
  • After steaming puttu should be moist and if its dry then you need to steam it for some more time.
  • Garnish with your fav topping like cashews or walnut or coconut.


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