Avocado Salad |Vennai Pazham Salad

Avocado Salad can be served for breakfast or evening snack as salad or you can spread in bread and toast it.Avocado is very healthy fruit which reduces bad cholesterol and it is complete diet for babies.I came to know about avocado when  i drank avocado smoothie for the first time in my office which tasted so creamy  and  the shop keeper  told that it was butter fruit.Then one of my friend Nitisha called me and my husband for dinner, she prepared Avocado Salad which was tasty and she shared me the recipe ,from then on i started consuming avocado once in a month.You can just scoop the flesh  which has creamy texture and eat them plain.


  • Avocado -2
  • Onion-1/2
  • tomato-1/2
  • coriander leaf-garnish
  • pickled jalapeno-2 tsp or (lemon juice- 2 tsp and chopped green chilli- 1)


To identify ripe and creamy avocado:

Peel the stem at the top of avocado and if it comes out easily and color is green then its fresh to eat. If color is brown then it is overripe.If the stem does not peel easily then it is not ripe.

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  • In general if the skin of the avocado is light green in color and it is very hard while pressing the avocado then it is not ripe.If the avocado is easy to press and somewhat in dark green color it is ripe.
  • Cut the avocado into two half and remove the seed and scoop the flesh using spoon.

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  • Smash the fresh avocado flesh in bowl using your hands and add onion, tomato, salt, pickled jalapenos ( or lime juice,green chilli )and cilantro.

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Serving Suggestions:

Avocado Salad can be consumed as salad or you can use this in sandwich.


  • Consume it once you cut the avocado or else it turns to black color and doesn’t tastes good
  • Mostly when you cut overripe avocado you can see black spots all over the flesh.

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