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Potato fry is simple and easy dish which would be loved by everyone especially the kids.If you don’t have much time to prepare  side dish and want to eat tasty  then this potato fry would be good option this suits well with all kind of variety rice.Especially Potato fry with the curd rice or tomato rice is my favorite combination.Adding generous amount of oil makes it more tasty and crispy at the corner.In this recipe i am using sambar powder but you can replace this by adding 2 tsp chili powder and 2 tsp coriander powder.You can also check out Hashbrowns recipe , Healthy french fries which would be loved by kids as well as adults in healthier fashion.


  • Potato -2
  • Sambar powder- 1 tbsp
  • Oil -4 tbsp
  • Salt-as required


  • Heat oil in pan and once hot add potato and mix it well


  • Add salt and sambar powder then mix it well

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  • Close the lid and cook for 15 mins ,in between just stir so that potato does not get burnt.This potato is cooked only with oil so it forms crispy layer around it which makes this dish so tasty

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Serving Suggestions:

Serve potato fry with Curd rice (any variety rice)


  • Since we are not adding water add generous amount of oil to make it crispy and tasty or else if you add less oil it would taste different
  • Stir in between so that spice powder gets cooked well and not burnt.

Potato fry

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