Chocolate balls (Vegan dessert)

Chocolate balls are for people who crave for healthy dessert and this is vegan so why not try this easy and yum cocoa balls and it is dates sweetened rather than sugar !! You can just impress your loved ones or guest with this instant Chocolate balls.Here i used just simple ingredients as almond powder or almond pulp which is extracted while preparing almond milk , dates,coconut oil,cocoa powder,pinch of salt just grind in food processor to the consistency where you can prepare balls from it,if required add more coconut oil for binding.Then dusted with cocoa powder,if you don’t like the cocoa bitter taste then avoid dusting.This is really healthy and easy dessert which can be prepared at home in few mins.

Chocolate balls


  • Cocoa powder-1/2 cup
  • Dates-20
  • Salt-pinch
  • Dry Almond pulp or Almond powder-2 cups
  • Coconut oil-4 tbsp or more based on binding


  • Add dried almond pulp or almond powder,cocoa powder,pitted dates,salt,coconut oil to the food processor.I used almond pulp which was extracted while preparing almond milk.
  • To make almond pulp moist free bake the almond pulp by spreading in baking plate at 350 F for about 20 mins or just saute in pan for about 10 mins in medium flame to remove the moistness from the almond pulp.
  • Grind to consistency such that you can make balls or else add little oil for binding.
  • Dust it with cocoa powder if you like the cocoa bitter taste or else avoid this step for kids as they may not like the bitter taste.


  • You can add other nuts like cashew or walnut of your choice but make sure the you can make balls from the grind ed mixture
  • Adding little by little oil helps in binding properly.

Chocolate balls

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