Moong dal halwa (Indian Dessert)

Moong dal halwa is rich North Indian sweet which is really very mouthwatering dish because of ghee,sugar and milk which is added to coarse paste of moong dal. The process in making this dish took me around 1 hr but the outcome was worth it it was so tasty.I love any dish which is made of loads of sugar and ghee 😉 so obviously this is my favorite dish.You can also check out Mysore pak , gulab jamun , carrot halwa

Moong dal halwa

Serves : 5 Total time : 1 hr


Moong dal-1 cup
Ghee-1 cup or 3/4 cup
Sugar- 1.5 or 1 cup
Elachi/cardamom powder-pinch
Milk-3/4 cup
Saffron -3 (optional)
Cashew nuts- as required

Moong dal halwa Recipe with pictures:

  • Wash and Soak moong dal overnight or about 5-6 hrs.Drain the water and grind to coarse paste without adding water.

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  • Soak Saffron to the required milk. 
  • Heat Non stick kadai and add ghee then paste of moong dal.You can check this link on how to prepare homemade pure ghee

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  • Keep on stirring in medium flame yellow moong dal paste slowly it will change into dark brownish color and let  it cook for about 45-50 mins until the ghee comes top of it.Slow cooking in medium flame is very important to get yummy taste of moong dal so patience is required 😉

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  • After the color of moong dal  has been changed to dark brown add sugar and then hot boiled milk soaked with saffron to it. 

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  • Keep on stirring this will get into halwa consistency within 5-7 mins.After it absorbs all the milk add the elachi powder and nuts.Scoop the halwa and serve it… Moong dal halwa is ready to attack!

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Moong dal halwa


  1. Use non stick pan which will make your life easy or else moong dal gets burnt and outcome wont be good!
  2. Don’t add water while grinding soaked moong dal to coarse paste.
  3. Instead of milk you can add water too but milk makes it more rich 😉
  4. This dish took me around 1 hr but its worth while consuming this dish ,it tastes so tasty.Make sure not to burn the moong dal. You can see the transformation of yellow moong dal to dark brown color while slow cooking in medium flame.

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