Panchamrutham Recipe for Pooja

Panchamrutham is instant sweet recipe which is offered to God during pooja and takes only 5 mins to prepare.This is combination of dates,banana,sugar,ghee,honey.Usually i add apple to give it extra crunchy flavor and  i like the most 😀 .There are different variations of this recipe which is also made with 5 main ingredients as milk,ghee,banana,curd,honey.I don’t like the store brought Panchamrutham bottles as they add loads of dates and jaggery and i cannot eat it more than 1 spoon.Preparing at home gives us freedom of adding the ingredients based on our taste 😉 .You can also check out carrot halwa , flaxseed ladoo/alsi pinni , Gulab jamun , Sweet lassi



  • Dates -6
  • Apple -1
  • Banana -1
  • Brown sugar – 2 tbsp
  • Honey – 1 and ½ tbsp.
  • Sugar or rock candy or kalkandu -1 tsp
  • Ghee -1 tsp


Panchamrutham Recipe:

  • Cut the banana and apple in bowl.Smash the banana and add dates

BeFunky Collage1

  • Smash the banana then add brown sugar,honey,ghee,kalkandu or sugar

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  • Smash the dates along with mixture well,panchamrutham is ready for Pooja 🙂


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