Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani is the most delicious and flavorful dish to everyone and for every special occasions in my home we prepare this aromatic and yum biryani !!For Biryani i always use basmati rice or long grain rice and serve with onion raita which is perfect combo.When biryani is cooked perfectly it just makes my day very…

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Chicken momo

Chicken momo is perfect recipe for starter which is prepared with all purpose flour, ground meat and vegetables. You can make it more healthier by using wheat flour instead of all purpose flour.Garlic sauce is perfect side dish for momos. Ingredients: All purpose flour-2 cup Chicken breast-1 Onion-1 Coriander leaf-2 tbsp Sesame seeds-1 tsp Chili…

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Healthy orange chicken

Healthy orange chicken is perfect appetizer and is more healthier than the deep fried version.If you like the orange flavor in chicken then you can have this Healthy orange chicken where chicken is marinated with orange sauce .Usually I prepare this for evening snacks or lunch with roti! Ingredients: Chicken breast-500 gms Pepper-3 tsp Salt-to taste…

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Chicken leg roast | Chicken drumstick roast

Chicken leg roast is mouthwatering appetizer which is prepared in healthy manner by shallow frying the chicken leg piece instead of deep fry.This goes well with briyani or curd rice or just as an appetizer with lemon and onion.Both the kids and adults will love this delicious recipe.To make it more healthier remove the skin…

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Chicken Dum Biryani

Chicken Dum Biryani is Indian cuisine which is combination of rice,spices and meat.This is the dish which makes everyone happy i guess LOL 😉 . We just need to follow some tricks to make it awesome and delicious . Tricks for perfect biryani In my opinion if you are beginner then you can first start…

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Chicken liver pepper fry in 10 mins

Chicken liver pepper fry is delicious starter or side dish for rice or roti which has pepper flavor all over the chicken liver which makes it more tempting and mouthwatering.To impress guest by cooking with just 10 mins is awesome right?? Cook time for this Chicken liver pepper fry is just 10 mins and tasty…

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Chicken Seekh Kebab

Chicken Seekh Kebab is healthier appetizer as marinated minced chicken is slowly baked in oven and tastes delicious too.This would be loved by kids too as it would be easier for them to consume as chicken is minced.My husband loves this Chicken Seekh Kebab as he loves to eat food which are baked.Baking or steaming…

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Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nuggets are prepared by dipping chicken breast  into egg and flour mixture then deep frying it.These Nuggets are perfect snacks for kids and for sure they will love it and is far better than store brought.Using this nuggets we can prepare orange chicken or honey garlic chicken or you can prepare any kind of your…

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Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken is delicious fried chicken recipe with sweet tangy orange flavor and it is far better than restaurant brought as anything cooking fresh in home is always better.You can also try the healthier version of orange chicken by just sauteing chicken in a pan and cook it along with orange sauce or you can…

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Chicken Fried rice with Broccoli

Chicken Fried rice with broccoli would be awesome if you use left over rice which was cooked one day before.Just crumble the left over rice by adding oil over it.This fried rice becomes flavorful as we use chopped garlic ,ginger and the most important chicken ;);).Broccoli helps in lowering cholesterol but my husband don’t like eating…

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