Overnight oats (Healthy Breakfast)

Overnight oats is the easiest recipe for busy morning and requires no cooking…. Isn’t it sooooo interesting which is tasty as well as healthy breakfast??? I learnt this recipe from my husband’s colleague at first it was weird for me and thought it wont taste that good but after trying this recipe it became sooooo…

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Blueberry Smoothie in 5 Mins

Blueberry Smoothie with yogurt and bread toast is perfect for healthy breakfast which makes your tummy full.You can also blend blueberry and banana or with any of your favorite fruit to get smoothie consistency if you don’t like yogurt.You can also top it up with whipping cream and few blueberries while serving for kids to…

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Strawberry frozen yogurt

Strawberry frozen yogurt is healthy recipe which is prepared in just 5 mins by blending the frozen strawberry ,sugar,curd.To make it more healthy Sugar can be replaced with honey or dates and full fat curd with low fat curd too.Strawberry frozen yogurt tastes similar to ice cream and moreover it just takes 5 mins to…

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Onion Raita | Vengaya thayir pachadi

Onion Raita acts as awesome side dish for briyani , kebab and parathas. Adding shallots to any dish it just enhances the taste and moreover shallots are more nutritious than onion so i used shallots instead of onion in this recipe.If you are conscious about using full fat curd then use low fat curd but…

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Cucumber Raita |Cucumber Dip

Cucumber Raita is my favorite and to beat the summer you can have it like a salad. Grate the cucumber finely and Squeeze the excess water from it and then add curd,salt,cumin powder,coriander leaf.To make thick curd use colander so that excess water is drained out. It tastes soo yummy with kebab or tandoori. Ingredients:…

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Sweet lassi |Indian flavored yogurt ♥

Sweet lassi is sweetened flavored yogurt.North India is famous for its chats and lassi and as i was staying in orissa i could really enjoy the flavor of it.This is my mom’s favorite Sweet lassi, whenever we don’t have tuition on Saturday evening Mom used to take us to shop where chats and lassi are famous.I…

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