Strawberry Milkshake

Strawberry Milkshake is perfect chilled milkshake to beat summer and those who love strawberry flavor .By default the natural pink color makes you soooooooo cheerful and happy to present the guest or your loved ones.A glass of homemade Strawberry Milkshake is perfect for hot summer day.I don’t prefer raw milk for any kind of milkshake usually…

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Apple Milkshake with Oats

Apple Milkshake with oats is very healthy recipe which is perfect for evening drink!!!Basically i don’t like having whole oats meal with apple so customized based on my taste  by roasting whole oats and then grinded to fine powder 😉 😉 and then included almond powder with apple which  turned out so rich and tasty.I prepare…

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Orange carrot juice(Healthy Juice)

Orange carrot juice is very healthy fiber juice and consuming carrot everyday prevents cancer.So do include carrot in any form as you wish as carrot juice,carrot salad or mix it with curd and chat masala ,carrot poriyal. This orange carrot blend will make you so refreshing and healthy.My mom used to prepare this Orange carrot…

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Watermelon juice

A glass of homemade Watermelon juice is perfect for hot summer day .Moreover this is healthy and thirst refreshing juice which is very good for people in diet and tastes sweet naturally so no need to add extra sugar.Fresh Watermelon juice suits for valentine’s day because of its natural color 😉 and would be perfect  if…

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