Amla pickle | nellikkai pickle | Gooseberry pickle

Amla pickle is called as Nellikai in tamil which is prepared by sauteing sesame oil,mustard seeds,red chili powder,fenugreek seeds,hing,salt,tamarind,jaggery and steamed amla/gooseberry/nellikkai fruit till it is cooked well for about 10-15 mins.Whenever my granny comes to our home she prepares this pickle with loads of love 🙂 .This tastes sour & bitter but after adding…

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Homemade Almond Milk recipe

Homemade Almond Milk is so easy and better way of consuming rather than store brought as Homemade Almond Milk contains only almond and water 😀 . Usually used to have overnight oats using yogurt and i wanted to switch my diet to diary free so thought of including almond milk instead of yogurt in overnight oats,…

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Clean Prawn and Devein

Cleaning Prawn is very easy and it should be done properly.Here I have described with step by step photos to clean and devein the prawn.By practice you can clean and devein it quickly 🙂 I learnt it from my granny and whenever we buy prawn it will be her who cleans as she does it…

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Onion Chutney | Vengayam Chutney

Onion chutney is perfect South Indian traditional side dish for dosa or idly , adai. This is quick and simple chutney recipe and the secret in making yummy chutney is adding more oil 😉 and cooking the onions in medium flame till it changes its color to slight brown and then grinding to fine paste. If…

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Tahini Sauce in 5 mins(Sesame Sauce)

Tahini Sauce is prepared from grinding sesame seeds with garlic,lime juice,salt and little water.This can be served as dip or salad spread and my favorite is using in hummus and as chutney for Dosa 😉 .This is quick and easy vegan recipe in 5 mins which can be made thick dip or thin as salad…

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Soft Idly | Spongy rice idly

Soft Idly is traditional breakfast in South Indian households which is prepared with urad dal ,rice,fenugreek seeds. To make it spongy ratio of these ingredients are very important .I prepared idly batter using mixie jar.You can enjoy this soft idly by dipping in sambar or your favorite chutney 😀 .You can also check basic Sambar…

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Homemade Paneer |Cottage cheese

Homemade Paneer is fresh cheese which is prepared by adding food acid as lemon juice or curd which makes the curd to be separated from liquid (whey).The curd is drained using cheesecloth and adding weight to that squeezes out the water content.To get perfect cubes refrigerate paneer for about 45-60 mins and then cut into…

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Popcorn recipe (Flavored snack)

Popcorn recipe is perfect for any type of snacking and it is happy food 😉 and making it home makes it healthier than the store brought. The trick to make perfect popcorn is to check oil is hot enough to pop the kernels and using deep non stick pan with glass lid on.I have described…

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Garlic sauce Momo

Garlic sauce Momo is perfect spicy side dish which makes a wonderful combination.Garlic sauce goes well with vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian momo.There is no oil used to prepare this sauce ;). You can check this link on how to prepare chicken momo Ingredients: Red chilli-6 Tomato-2 Mint leaf-2 tsp Salt-to taste Garlic-6 Water-1 cup…

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Garam masala (Indian spice powder)

Garam masala Powder always tastes fresh and easy to prepare at home so mostly i prepare Coriander Powder,red chilli powder,garam masala,sambar powder which i use in my cooking  everyday :).And preparing this spice powders is pretty simple and easy than i thought :p .Garam masala can be used in kurma,briyani,fry items as chicken 65,gobi 65…

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Fat free paneer (cottage cheese)

Fat free paneer recipes are for weight watchers like me 😉 … I love paneer so its difficult to avoid eating it, i have seen mom from my childhood preparing paneer from whole fat milk and she used to prepare my favorite paneer masala where she used to include butter and along with that whole…

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Grow Sprouts at home (healthy)

Grow Sprouts at your home easily by just soaking Green gram or mung bean in water for about 6-8 hrs and then rinse it well with water.Cover the green gram with wet cloth and place it in bowl. Cover the bowl with black cloth or any cloth and keep it in dark closet which will…

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Boil Egg Perfectly

Three Boiled eggs make a quick breakfast if you are in hurry and however you make egg it tastes good naturally.You can Boil Egg perfectly by cooking egg in water until it boils and then Switch off the stove.Close the lid for about 10 mins to get perfect boiled eggs. For half boiled egg close…

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How to cut french fries

This method is very easy to cut french fries using knife.Personally I feel using knife is easy way to cut french fries and would save time in cleaning than using vegetable cutter ;).Usually select large potatoes and as soon as you cut into desired shapes add it to the water this will prevent them from getting…

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How to Clean Crab

Clean crab ??? It is very easy and also crab takes only 10 mins to get cooked.Crab will be loved by all as its meat will be so juicy and soft.My mom taught me how to clean crab and she used to say to keep all ingredients ready and then start cleaning the crab or…

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How to Clean Vazhaipoo |Banana flower

Cleaning Vazhaipoo will take more time but its worth doing it because of its benefits :).Detailed step by step method is described below on how to Clean Vazhaipoo and discard the black portion which looks like the stigma and white skin . Banana flower is rich in fiber and very healthy to include in your diet…

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Schezwan sauce

Schezwan sauce goes well with fried rice and noodles which is prepared by grinding soaked red chilli into fine paste and cooking it with extra ingredients to make spicy sauce.The word Schezwan makes me happy i just love indo chinese recipes and Schezwan egg fried rice is my favorite 😀 which i prepare in just 10 mins…

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Coriander Powder(Dhania powder)

Coriander Powder always tastes fresh and easy to prepare at home so mostly i prepare Coriander Powder,red chilli powder,garam masala,sambar powder which i use in my cooking  everyday :).And preparing this spice powders is pretty simple and easy than i thought :p .During my childhood mom used to roast the ingredients for spice powder and…

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Red Chilli Powder(Homemade)

Red Chilli Powder can be prepared at home easily  where red chillies are dried in sun for about 2-3 days and grinded to fine powder using mixie jar with damp cloth on top of the jar lid or else you will tend to sneeze 🙁 If you are residing in cool region with no hot…

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Fried Onions for Briyani

Fried Onions enhances the taste to any recipe and mainly this is used in briyani which makes it awesome and delicious.In this onions are cut into thin strips and little corn flour is sprinkled all over the onion which makes it crispy and then deep fried.The most important part is don’t overcook the Onions just…

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How to Cook Quinoa

Cook Quinoa similar to rice as 1 :2 ratio with water in pan or you can also pressure cook for about 2 whistle. Quinoa is whole grain which is always better than refined grains as rice and is rich in fiber with nutritional value.You can prepare Quinoa curd rice  , Quinoa egg rice or any variety…

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Peel Pearl onion fast and easy

Pearl onion  is also called as shallots which makes the recipe tasty and healthy than the bigger Onions but i feel lazy to peel the skin of the Pearl onion as it takes lots of time.During conversation with my mom i got to know that after soaking shallots in water peeling is easy and fast and…

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How to make Curd (low fat curd)

Curd is the most loved item all over the world.Consuming homemade plain curd everyday is good as it helps in digestion.You can make Curd and flavor it based on your liking and taste.Usually i use fat free milk as i eat curd everyday and if you prefer thick curd then use full fat milk.You can…

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How to Cook Broken Wheat | Cracked Wheat

Cook Broken Wheat with water 1 :2 ratio as similar to rice .Broken wheat is excellent source of fiber which is low fat diet and contains no cholesterol.You can include this on diet everyday instead of rice which will help you to lower the risk of  high blood pressure, high cholesterol. You can consume as…

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Peel Garlic fast and easy

Removing garlic skin was time consuming task before using this method which was told by my friend. I felt crazy when she told me how to Peel Garlic easy but when i tried it out i saved lot of time so thanks a lot to her.First Crush the garlic and then skin partially comes out then…

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Gingergarlic paste

Gingergarlic paste is the easy way of preparing and storing ginger garlic paste which is more fresh and healthier than store brought ginger garlic paste.You can store it in refrigerator for a week or freeze up to 3 months by adding more salt as this act as preservative.Moreover store brought paste are not flavorful as the…

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Condensed Milk at home!!!!

Cooking at home itself is healthy and why not Condensed Milk? You just need patience to prepare Condensed Milk with just two ingredients milk and sugar . You can prepare egg-less cake by using condensed milk which will give soft texture :).You can also use it on sweets which will enhance the richness like carrot…

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Idly batter & Fermentation process

Idly batter is prepared with basic ingredients with correct ratio of idly rice,ponni rice, urad dal, fenugreek for making delicious spongy idly. I am using mixie jar for preparing Idly batter. But if you have more members in your family then better opt for grinder rather than mixie jar.Only thing we need to take care…

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Sambar (Basic)

Sambar is South-Indian cuisine which is served with rice or idly or pongal. My fav would be dipping vadai  in hot sambar which would be divine. I had a North Indian friend who would ask me to bring her the idly and Sambar prepared by my mom often as she loves the taste to the…

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