Fish curry with coconut | Golden thread coconut curry

Fish curry or meen kolumbu is traditional tangy South Indian recipe which is prepared with coconut paste,tamarind water and spice mixture. This is soo mouthwatering recipe which goes well with dosa ,rice or idly . This recipe was inspired from my friend who prepared this fish curry with tilapia it tasted soo yummy !! Today tried this…

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Baigan ka salan | Eggplant Curry

Baigan ka salan is very rich thick gravy recipe and perfect side dish for briyani or roti where peanut ,sesame seeds and coconut is grinded to fine paste which makes salan rich and thick and spice powder, fried brinjal/eggplant.I love to eat brinjal only when my mom prepares this baigan ka salan or sometimes ennai kathrikai…

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Sundakkai vathal kuzhambu (turkey berry curry)

Sundakkai vathal kuzhambu is South Indian recipe which is prepared with dried sundkkai (turkey berry),vadagam,tamarind juice,tomato onion paste to give thick kuzhambu which goes well with hot rice and ghee on top of it 😀 .Adding jaggery powder at last in kuzhambu is my favorite if you don’t want sweet tangy flavor then dont add jaggery….

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Instant mor kulambu | Buttermilk curry (10 mins)

Instant mor kulambu is simple recipe without coconut which is prepared in 10 mins and if you have curd sitting in fridge for a long time then you can make this buttermilk curry and moreover  this is not time consuming recipe too ;).I love mor kulambu with coconut as that tastes more good than this…

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Nandu kulambu |Crab Curry

Nandu kulambu is South Indian dish prepared with secret masala 😉 which makes crab more delicious and the quantity of spices should be taken care of as over masala will spoil the dish.When my mom prepares Nandu kulambu me and dad will eat only crab and it would take as atleast an hr to complete…

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Meen kulambu without Coconut|Fish Curry

Meen kulambu is South Indian dish where fish is boiled with spicy tangy liquid .Fish is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids and my granny used to say its very good for our vision..I learnt this recipe from my mom and she used to prepare more rice especially when she makes this Meen kulambu…

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