Mushroom fried rice-Restaurant style

Mushroom fried rice is comforting food which is prepared with left over rice,soya sauce,mushroom and other vegges,pepper,hot sauce and salt.I just love this rice as it just takes 20 mins to prepare and very easy to prepare for lunch box too.If you have left over rice this Mushroom fried rice recipe is perfect choice.The trick…

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Curry leaves powder | Karuveppilai Podi

Curry leaves powder is South Indian healthy and Vegan spicy powder which is prepared by grinding roasted curry leaf,red chili , garlic cloves,tamarind,urad dal,channa dal & hing.My granny always prepares this curry leaves powder whenever she comes to our home , She always feeds us this curry leaves powder along with rice and ghee 😀…

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Egg rice | muttai sadam

Egg rice with baby carrot is perfect healthy quick lunch box recipe for kids as well as adults which is prepared in 15 mins. I still remember my mom’s egg rice would be favorite for me and my colleagues. Weekly once i used to ask her to prepare me this recipe ! Here in this…

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Schezwan Fried Rice (Veg)

Schezwan Fried Rice is prepared with  hot and spicy schezwan sauce and chopped vegges.If you have not tried any indo chinese recipes then this dish would be perfect to begin 😉 .If you are non vegetarian instead of vegges you can add egg or chicken 😉  and you can prepare this dish for your guests…

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Curd Rice (Thayir Sadam)

Curd Rice is perfect if you are not feeling to cook 😉 and would taste awesome too with the tempering.You can use left over rice or mashy rice to prepare thayir sadam. But mashed rice would taste more good than grainy rice (avoid using basmati rice).I always love this combo with Mutton chukka or Pavakai…

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Chicken Fried rice with Broccoli

Chicken Fried rice with broccoli would be awesome if you use left over rice which was cooked one day before.Just crumble the left over rice by adding oil over it.This fried rice becomes flavorful as we use chopped garlic ,ginger and the most important chicken ;);).Broccoli helps in lowering cholesterol but my husband don’t like eating…

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Carrot Rice

Carrot Rice is made with fresh grated carrots which makes it healthier and my mom prepares this for my lunch box .My best friend Sivaranjani loves this dish too. After Marriage for the first time i cooked this carrot rice for her and i was so happy when she told it tastes the same as…

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