Dates ladoo

Dates ladoo with fig and nuts is power packed energy balls with full of protein which can be given to kids for healthy snack .During my post pregnancy husband bought fig and was insisting to eat as it was very good for health.But as i didn’t like eating it directly , tried to include in…

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Baked Gulab Jamun (Healthy dessert)

Baked Gulab Jamun are spongy milk based Indian dessert which is baked instead of deep fried and then soaked in sugar syrup. Standing in front of oil for long time  don’t make me feel good and also i am avoiding deep fried items in my diet these days mostly i try to bake the dishes…

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Mysore Pak (Indian Classic Fudge)

Mysore Pak is Southern Indian classic Fudge which is made of generous amounts of ghee, sugar, gram flour (chickpea flour). The texture of this sweet is similar to fudge which melts as soon as you put in mouth 😉 …My mom prepares this for every diwali and i will be beside her waiting for Mysore Pak…

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Manga pachadi | raw mango recipe

Manga pachadi is recipe which is prepared on Tamil new year along with sambar,masala vadai , payasam (Sweet) and appalam ! During this day it would be like festival of food because my mom prepares all my favorite food items for lunch 😉 😉 Manga pachadi  tastes sweet and tangy together which my mom and husband…

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Sakkarai Pongal | Sweet Pongal

Sakkarai Pongal is prepared on Pongal festival which is called as Sweet Pongal and preparing at home with relatives surrounded stays memorable everytime. My mom used to wake us early by 4.00 a.m and asks us to take bath and be ready for pooja within 5 .oo a.m and meanwhile she prepares White Pongal ,Sweet Pongal…

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Panchamrutham Recipe for Pooja

Panchamrutham is instant sweet recipe which is offered to God during pooja and takes only 5 mins to prepare.This is combination of dates,banana,sugar,ghee,honey.Usually i add apple to give it extra crunchy flavor and  i like the most 😀 .There are different variations of this recipe which is also made with 5 main ingredients as milk,ghee,banana,curd,honey.I…

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