Palak Paratha | Spinach Paratha

Palak Paratha is nutritious paratha from North India where spinach and spices are combined along with the wheat flour and formed soft dough to make these delectable Palak Paratha. This recipe is tricky way of including Spinach or palak in kid’s  diet as they will not feel like eating the spinach ..sooo isn’t it awesome…

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Pulicha keerai thokku | Gongura Chutney

Pulicha keerai or Gongura chutney is popular dish in South India which is served along with dosa or idly and i love eating it along with  Quinoa curd rice to make it healthy.Adding sesame oil in this dish makes it more flavorful and this can be stored for about a week in sterilized glass container…

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Palak Kichdi | Spinach Rice

Palak Kichdi is one pot quick healthy meal prepared with spiced rice,spinach and  pulses.Palak Kichdi recipe is very easy and nutritious meal which can be prepared for lunch box  for kids as well as adults and goes well with any spicy side dish like potato fry ,kadai mushroom,chicken leg roast . If you have loads of…

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Palak Paneer (Spinach Cottage cheese)

Palak Paneer is the most famous Indian dish which would be loved by all.This would be perfect dish for pregnant women as it contains iron and boosts the immune system.This is prepared by adding masala powder to the spinach and homemade paneer and dont add too much of masala as it will spoil the taste…

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Spinach pulao |Palak pulao

Spinach pulao  is perfect for kids lunch box as spinach has various health benefits. It tastes perfectly awesome with  raita or chicken gravy.This is simple healthy one pot meal recipe with mild spices and adding peas to pulao makes it more tastier and healthy. Detailed Recipe with Pictures: Soak chick peas overnight and for rice…

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Aloo Palak |Potato Spinach curry

Aloo Palak is prepared with boiled potato and spinach puree.This tastes so creamy and goes well with roti or naan or plain rice.Spinach is low in fat and cholesterol so do include spinach in your diet plan.You can prepare healthy lunch box with dry chapati and aloo palak as side dish.You can also check out…

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Avocado Pasta |Vennai Pazham Pasta

Avocado Pasta is my favorite creamy pasta without adding any cream of milk but just avocado and spinach which is more healthier.And you can season it with herbs ,sriracha sauce based on your liking .You can also check out avocado salad recipe Ingredients: Small Avocado – 2 Spinach-1 bunch Pasta-1 cup Green chilli -3 Onion-1…

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Keerai masiyal with Parupu

Keerai masiyal is healthy dish which is pureed form of cooked spinach and moong dal. Dark leafy greens are very good for our health and we should make it point to include in our diet but my mom used to say not to consume kerrai if you have kidney stone.My dad is very big fan…

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